After the Earthquake: UNDP mobilizes to support Albania

A mother of three was found under the rubble hugging her three children. A 24-year-old student’s dream of becoming a dermatologist was cut short. A family of 8 was found under the rubble when their…  

Free Legal Aid helps sister and brother end statelessness

If you want to know how it is to raise children in harsh economic conditions without being legal residents, Fatmir is the right person to talk to. His story is painful yet gives hope to many…  

Less children left behind in Albania: Eris’s little steps towards a more inclusive life

Eris is one among 24 children with disabilities who receive daily rehabilitation services at the Community Center of Shijak.  

Building skills for jobs: The soap that is changing women’s lives

A group of women have acquired skills to produce soap and how to market, package and sell it, empowering them in their families and communities.  

Meet Luli- From an informal worker to a regular employee in a respected enterprise

Luli Feri 45 comes from the Egyptian community. Throughout all her life, she faced discrimination and according to her this was due to the color of her skin.  

Skills Development for Employment Programme: Partners take stock of achievements and chart a way ahead at a youth self-employment fair

The UNDP’s Skills Development for Employment Programme (SD4E) marked the finalization of its second phase, a result of collaboration between UNDP, the Ministry of Finance and Economy. The programme is…  

#MadeinDibra Bootcamp: 46 youth from Dibra, 3 days, 8 groups, 8 prototypes and 2 winners!

A three days bootcamp brought together 46 young people from Dibra to design innovative solutions to development challenges in Diber. The bootcamp addressed three main challenges: lack of creativity…  

Supporting Young Entrepreneurs in Albania

Edmir Uku, 25 years old, is from Vaqarr, a village of Tirana. He speaks with great passion about agriculture, organic food and life in Albanian rural areas. Edmir holds a bachelor’s degree in…  

Legal aid is a human right: an autistic child’s battle for recognition

Six months ago, Bledi, eight years old, had no name, no identity. Today he does. Bled’s parents migrated to the neighboring Greece ,and Bled was born there. Later, his parents brought him to Albania…  

Helping Albanian Municipalities boost service delivery to citizens

Valter is a person with disability from Kavaja who receives social assistance. Every month, municipalities display on paper the list of beneficiaries eligible for social assistance. Having no other…  

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