Municipal Social Protection Service Delivery

What is the programme about?

“Improving Municipal Social Protection Service Delivery” programme focuses on catalyzing a step-change in the quantity and quality of delivery at local level of integrated social care, as part of an effective integrated social protection system.  It builds upon the vast experience of the UN in addressing social inclusion, protection and the needs of the most vulnerable groups including Roma, refugees and migrants, persons with disabilities, vulnerable children, elderly, rural women, and women at risk of GBV. The programme supports the implementation of the newly shaped vision of the social sector in Albania, in line with Sustainable Development Goals and the country’s aspirations towards European Union integration. The programme avails of technical expertise and know-how of UN agencies aiming at allowing for greater impact and outreach by focusing on the municipal level and its linkage to the national level.

The programme’s goal – contribute to support Albanian Government translate the policy intent into proper local actions so that men, women, girls and boys living in poverty, or vulnerable situation have access to integrated, quality social care services- supports the vision of an overall inclusive Albania. The joint programme supports Albania’s progress in view of achieving SDGs - being directly related to social protection/inclusion - especially SDGs 1-5 (no poverty, zero hunger, good health and well-being, quality education, gender equality, 10 (reduced inequalities), and 16 (peace, justice and strong institutions).

The programme’s target groups who indirectly and directly benefit from improved social care services, are the marginalized populations of Albania, with persons with disabilities often being the most vulnerable, along with Roma and Egyptians as well as children, women, migrant, refugees, long term unemployed etc. The improvement of their social protection is supported by interventions at macro level (central government authorities and national services), at meso level (municipalities and civil society organizations), and at micro level, actively involving the project’s target groups into the project’s implementation. The project covers six selected municipalities. The  programme is implemented through the modalities of the "Delivering as One" mechanism, under the Programme of Cooperation for Sustainable Development 2017-2021, with the joint participation of UN agencies, including UNDP, UNICEF, UN Women, UNFPA, UNHCR, WHO and ILO, and in close partnership with relevant governmental bodies at the central and local levels.  UNDP is the lead UN agency for the overall implementation and coordination of the Programme.


What we do?

Output 1.             Integrated social care services, institutional arrangements and coordination mechanisms functional with clear roles and responsibilities at local level in 6 municipalities.

Output 2.             Municipal and national institutional capacities strengthened through training and mentoring for the development of social care plans and accessing the Social Fund.

Output 3.             Innovative models of integrated social care services piloted, including established local linkages between health and social protection services.

Output 4.             Vulnerable communities (disaggregated by gender, ethnicity, disability etc.) are empowered to actively participate in decision making and make institutions accountable.

Output 5.             Financing options for extending social protection coverage and benefits developed and assessed at the national and municipality levels.

Output 6.             Joint Programme Managed.



Project start date:

November 2019

Estimated end date:

December 2022

Focus area:

  • accelerate structural transformations
  • Project office:

    UNDP in Albania

    Implementing partner:

    United Nations Development Programme

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  • Mptf-sdg Fund
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    Delivery in previous fiscal year

    2020 $119,242

    2019 $0

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