What is the programme about?

“EU4Schools” is a Programme funded by the European Union in response to the recovery process following the earthquake of November 26, 2019. It aims to support Albanian citizens initially in five affected municipalities, namely: Kruja, Durres, Kurbin, Kamza and Kavaja, in the area of education. The Programme is part of the European Union’s financial commitment during the International Donor’s Conference, organized in Brussels on February 17, 2020 and is being guided by the nine principles of engagement foreseen in the Statement of Intent at the occasion of this Conference, namely: consistency, clarity, participation, transparency, accountability, equity, efficiency, resiliency and sustainability. The Programme is being implemented by the UNDP, in cooperation with the Albanian Government.

The overall objective of the Programme is to support national and local governments in reducing further social and economic losses, and to accelerate the recovery process through educational facility repairs and reconstruction. Meanwhile, the specific objectives are: (i) to support repairing and rebuilding, including the basic furnishing and equipping of education facilities in municipalities affected by the earthquake according to international standards and (ii) to provide increased transparency, accountability and inclusiveness to the recovery process.

“EU4Schools” Programme targets 22 educational facilities, from which 6 educational facilities will be fully reconstructed and 16 will be repaired. Around 7500 school children and teachers will directly benefit through this intervention. Educational facilities targeted are part of the Post Disaster Need Assessment (PDNA), which indicated that a total of 321 public Crèches, Pre-Schools, Basic Schools, and Secondary Schools were fully destroyed, partially damaged or lightly damaged in the 11 affected municipalities in Albania.

The Programme will deliver rapid assistance to help restore education services in local communities in order to ensure that students loose minimum school and learning days, and to enable the gradual normalization of life of affected population in those municipalities, with education being the foremost priority. “EU4Schools” Programme will contribute to addressing the recommendations of the last European Commission report to Albania, which stated that “in the coming year, Albania should in particular: implement the pre-university education strategy and the higher education reform, with a focus on ensuring inclusive and quality education at all levels both in urban and rural areas.

Expected Results

Concretely the Action will have three key results.

·         Result 1: Education facilities repaired and furnished

·         Result 2: Education facilities reconstructed and furnished

·         Result 3: Strengthened transparency, accountability and inclusiveness in this process of recovery


Below is an indicative list of educational facilities to be repaired or reconstructed by Phase I of the EU4Schools Programme funded by the European Union.




Educational facility





Kindergarten 1 Qershori


Professional high school Hysen Cela


High school Dhosi Liperi


Joint schooI Ismet Nanushi


Kindergarten Ismet Nanushi




9 years school Korb Muca


9 years school Sherif Dervishi


Joint high school Ramazan Karaj


Kindergarten Derete


9 years school Haxhi Qira


9 years school Skenderbeu


9 years school Shaqir Lleja



9 years school Mehmet Babamusta


9 years school Fiqiri Kurti




9 years school Dom Nikolle Kacorri


Kindergarten Dom Nikolle Kacorri


9 years school Tahir Sinani




Kindergarten no.2, Lac


9 years school Malbardhe


9 years school Fushe Milot


9 years school Demokracia


9 years school Gjok Elezi


What we have achieved so far: 

Project ideas for all educational facilities are presented and discussed in consultation meetings with community representatives, namely, teachers, parents, students, for each facility. More than 700 people participated in 22 consultation meetings providing their suggestions on how they want the new schools.

In addition, Memorandums of Understanding have been signed with five targeted municipalities to identify roles and responsibilities of each party in the process. All Programme structures are in place.

Detailed designs are finalized for 13 educational facilities, while others are expected to be finalized within September 2020. ‘Build back better’ is the main principle followed throughout all processes, aiming to offer better education services to Albanian citizens.

An accessible platform to show Programme results is under preparation, aiming to increase transparency, accountability and inclusiveness during the implementation of the Programme.



Elementary Schools kids in Durres



Project start date:

April 2020

Estimated end date:

October 2021

Focus area:

Project office:

UNDP in Albania

Implementing partner:

United Nations Development Programme

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  • European Commission
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    2020 $89,444

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