Establishing Albania’s Environmental Information Management and Monitoring System Aligned with the Global Reporting


What is the Project about?


The project is designed to strengthen capacity for environmental monitoring and information management in Albania by establishing an operational environmental information management and monitoring system EIMMS. The project will address the need for an environmental monitoring system that is integrated throughout relevant government institutions and that uses international monitoring standards for indicator development, data collection, analysis, and policy-making. It will also build on existing technical and institutional capacity in Albania to align its management and monitoring efforts with global monitoring and reporting priorities. Increased capacity in this area will improve reporting to the Rio Conventions and lay the groundwork for sustainable development through better-informed environmental policy.

The project is a response to the need for an environmental monitoring system that is integrated throughout the related government institutions, that is well coordinated and stimulates cooperation, using international monitoring standards for the selection of monitoring indicators, the data collection processes, the processing and reporting of this information covering all three Rio Conventions. It will develop national capacities in Albania to align its national environmental information management and monitoring system with global environmental monitoring and reporting priorities; including the compliance with the Multilateral Environment Agreements reporting obligations.

In particular, the project has one outcome goal and three main objectives as follows:
Outcome Goal – (Long-term goal): Establishing Albania’s Environmental Management and Monitoring System Aligned with Global Environmental Reporting
Main expected project outcome: To improve institutional and technical capacities to meet and sustain Rio Convention objectives and those of other MEAs
Three contributing components - expected outcomes:
1.    Degree to which the national environmental information portal has been harmonized and enhanced using existing data sources to address global environmental conventions needs
2.    Extent to which key global calibre environmental indicators are set at the national level and associated baseline information is recorded.
3.    Amount by which stakeholders’ capacity for information management and utilization for global environmental reporting needs is enhanced at the national and local level.
The three contributing areas corresponding to the expected outcomes as per the project strategy include work in the three following areas:
1)            Development of an EIMMS that will be able to integrate global environment commitments into planning and monitoring processes;
2)            Development and application of standard indicators encompassing UNFCCC, CBD and CCD concerns and global environmental threats; and
3)            Enhancement of stakeholder capacity for information management (data collection and processing) of key global environment data and information utilization (interpretation and reporting) at the national and local level.

What have we accomplished so far?
  • Development of the ROADMAP for establishing an operational environmental information management and monitoring system EIMMS
  • Assessment of Albania’s National Capacities on Environmental Monitoring, developed the Technical Sheets for environmental indicators related to the three MEAs
  • Introduced the citizens science concept by running a BioBlitz, through the iNaturalist open portal with High School students.




Project start date:

July 2015

Estimated end date:

February 2021

Focus area:

  • accelerate structural transformations
  • Project office:

    UNDP in Albania

    Implementing partner:

    GOVT as Executing and Implemen

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    Funding Support by

    Donor name

  • United Nations Development Pro
  • Government Of Albania
  • Global Environment Fund Truste
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    2020 $35,096

    2019 $170,032

    2018 $243,666

    2017 $295,273

    2016 $188,389

    2015 $2,515

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