Limya Eltayeb, UNDP Resident Representative during the launching event with Tirana Bank.

Tirana Bank, member of Balfin group, and United Nations Development Programme announced today a partnership to promote protection of environment in Albania. The three months campaign-which-puts citizens role in the environment protection upfront, will be implemented by both parties. The three months campaign called “All around the Earth” aims to raise awareness about the gravity and urgency of the threat from climate change and call on the public to act to safeguard nature, protect seas and rivers, forests, and tackle climate change. The Campaign which put citizens upfront, will be implemented for a period of three months.

Dritan Mustafa, Tirana Bank Chief Executive Officer stated:” We are very pleased to embark on this partnership with UNDP which aims to protect our ailing planet. Our campaign will tackle two key environmental protection issues: climate change and recycling. Recycling paper conserves natural resources, saves energy, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, reduces pollution. Recycling and climate change are interlinked, and both contribute to protect the environment”.

Limya Eltayeb, UNDP Resident Representative said:” Vibrant Partnerships are at the very centre of the sustainable development agenda and UNDP’s agenda. The 2030 Agenda commits all stakeholders and especially the private sector to work together to promote sustained and inclusive economic growth; social development; and environmental protection, while ‘leaving no one behind. In this respect, we are happy to partner with Tirana Bank to raise awareness, advocate and generate actions by society in support of the environment

The three months campaign called “All for the Earth” will be implemented on social media and popular traditional media channels and outlines concrete community actions to protect the environment. Part of the campaign are two video spots, social media banners, posters.

Environment is one among four UNDP-Albania focus areas. UNDP supports nature conservation that considers competing pressures on the environment from socio-economic activity, works with national partners to support policies for climate change at national, regional and municipal levels as well as policies related to renewable energy, energy efficiency and pilot projects to boost the solar energy market.UNDP’s assistance goes to ensure resource efficiency in line with EU 2030 strategy contributing to a low carbon society and green growth. UNDP works to increase marine and coastal protected areas and strengthen their management, sustainable development of the blue economy of the Adriatic and Ionian Sea through stronger maritime cooperation as well as environmental governance.




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