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To what extent is the culture, policies, and practices of the Vocational Education and Training system inclusive in Albania?

Statistics show that only 0,05% of enrolled students in VET have a form of disability. While the majority are not in any formal education, those in the system face continuous challenges.

Very few manage to get a certificate and even less find a job or continue higher education. In the absence of support services within the system, parents of children with a disability stay close to their children in this journey, learning with them and fighting for their rights.

To explore the VET system with the disability lens, UNDP conducted a system evaluation called “Inclusive VET for people with disabilities in Albania”.

The result of the study revealed:

• Lack of access to information, communication, transport, facilities, assistive technologies, and equipment
• Lack of guidance and career orientation for persons with disabilities on VET pathways
• Lack of individualized assessment
• Lack of adapted curricula
• Missing management and teaching capacities to communicate and work with persons with disabilities
• Missing coordination and cooperation mechanisms with social services for the provision, which make it difficult for persons with disabilities to integrate with vocational education and training and the labor market
• The concept of reasonable accommodation is a new concept in Albania, which is not recognized and applied in the Albanian VET system.

The study provides findings and concrete recommendations for the Ministry of Finance and Economy, the National Agency for Employment and Skills, the National Agency for VET and Qualifications, and the VET schools.

In partnership with the Ministry of Finance and Economy, UNDP and the experts engaged to conduct the study, brought together involved actors in two round table discussions to discuss findings and gather further feedback. to be reflected the final product due in December.

The study is conducted by UNDP in cooperation with the network of civil society organizations that promote and protect the rights of people with disabilities in the context of the Skills Development for Employment Programme funded by the Government of Switzerland.

UNDP Albania will continue working with the Ministry of Finance and Economy to achieve an inclusive VET system and create an enabling environment for those in the system.

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