The Skills Development for Employment Programme aims to improve the governance and quality of service provision in VET and employment promotion in Albania.

UNDP Albania shares the latest in a series of publications under the Skills Development for Employment (SD4E) Programme, which is supported by the Government of Switzerland. 

The Review of Albania’s Vocational Education and Training (VET) System publication took a detailed look into the VET governance and provision in Albania and aimed to identify the challenges that hamper the system from responding effectively to the skill demand of the labour market. The system was analyzed based on 7 quality indicators, which are used as the building blocks and key elements of effective skills training schemes by CEDEFOP, OECD and ILO, i.e.

(1) Coherent Regulatory Framework; 

(2) Clear Roles and Responsibilities; 

(3) Equitable Funding Arrangements;

(4) Strong Labour Market Relevance; 

(5) Standard-based Assessment and Certification;

(6) Quality Mechanism for VET provision and Delivery; 

(7) Systemic Cooperation with the Private Sector.

As part of this VET review, the key features of the Albanian VET system and the results from the outcome analysis were benchmarked with selected VET systems in Central and Western Europe (Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands) for successful good practices that could provide fresh impetus for Albanian decision makers to fine-tune and improve the national VET model. 

Throughout the review the focus was put on how to establish a collaborative partnership between the key actors in VET, namely the state (ministries, agencies), private sector (training, and prospective training, companies), VETproviders (VET schools, and Vocational Training Centres, VTCs) and social partners (employer associations and trades unions).

The link to this publication, can be found by clicking here

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