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Marginalized Roma community still most excluded in Albania

Marginalised Roma continue to face limited access to opportunities in virtually every aspect of human development such as basic rights, health,…

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A new Community Center in Ura Vajgurore will provide social care services to vulnerable population

A new Community Center was inaugurated today in Ura Vajgurore. The Center will provide social care and specialized services to children with disabilities and other vulnerable groups. The center is…  

UNDP assists Albania in the aftermath of the earthquake

The 6,4 magnitude earthquake that hit Albania killed 51 and left behind many destroyed homes, businesses and thousands of people homeless. UNDP stepped up to help immediately using its best global…  

UNDP to assist Albania in post-earthquake-recovery efforts

On the dawn of 26 November, Albania was hit by a 6.4 magnitude earthquake centered west of the Capitol Tirana trapping dozens of sleeping children, women and men in toppled apartment buildings, hotels…  

Municipalities across Albania set to increase Local Revenue Collection with assistance from STAR2

The National Conference on Municipality Revenue Assistance and Action Plans was held today in Tirana, with the participation of finance and local taxes employees of from all municipalities.  

The Second ReLOaD Western Balkans Conference in Tirana: Local governments, civil society discuss how to enhance transparency and accountability with the aim of improving local democracy in the Western Balkans.

The Second ReLOaD Western Balkans Conference held in Tirana presented the experiences of cooperation between the local authorities and the civil society related to transparency of procedures and…  

Trending: Partnering with the private sector for environmental protection

In Albania this summer, extreme heat waves were almost unbearable for people. There are less fish in the sea, and with the erosion of the shoreline, citizens of a local beach recently claimed that…  

Albania holds Social Good Summit to bring Climate Change at the spotlight and call for climate actions

A number of activities engaged students, civil society, media local authorities in discussion and various sports activities with the aim of putting climate change in the spotlight and call for urgent…  

Citizens of Divjakë to benefit from better public service delivery through One Stop Shop Information System, now available

Municipality of Divjake is the 27th to benefit from One Stop Shop Information System (OSSIS) which is now fully operational.  

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