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The Albanian preparedness and response system requires an interinstitutional coordination platform including both public and private resources, for response to emergencies resulting or likely to result in the spillage of oil and/or other Hazardous Noxious Substances (HNS) into the marine environment. Despite the progress to date there is still need to complete the national legal framework in line with EU requirements on prevention, preparedness and response in case of accidental maritime pollution by oil and other hazardous substances and drafting of regulations and manuals for implementing the requirements from all parties responsible in the implementation of the National Contingency Plan.


To establish a mutual network for the prevention of risks and management of emergencies, with a view to reducing the risk of pollution of marine environment and to strengthening the capacity of the communities in Albania to respond to environmental and technological hazards caused by maritime incidents resulting or likely to result in spills of oil and/or other hazardous and noxious substances (HNS).
i)    To improve coordination of response capacities in the Albania through training of command personnel, operational staff and other actors involved in the implementation of contingency plans and in pollution preparedness and response, and through expanding their knowledge and decision-making capabilities.
ii)    To enable adoption of national maritime quality standards and strengthen capacities on implementation of the Contingency Plan at local level. 

Expected Results

1.    An Analyses Report on General and Specific Regulations
2.    An overview of existing National Contingency Plan and needs for update
3.    National Risk Assessment Report 
4.    Training program
5.    At least 25 persons trained on recovering spilled oil and cleaning polluted shorelines   

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