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Presentation of “Trust in Governance 2019” Opinion Poll Findings

The findings of the “Trust in Governance 2019” Opinion Poll were presented today in Tirana. They explore public perceptions on issues such as: trust in public institutions, institutional transparency…  

Citizens across Albania to benefit better, faster and more efficient services through One-Stop Shop information system

Currently 13 Municipalities across Albania have a functional One Stop Shop Information System (OSSIS) for delivering administrative services to the citizens. By the end of 2019, 49 will benefit from…  

Rezultatet e thirrjes se pare publike per 12 Bashkite partnere te RELOAD

Në kuadër të Thirrjes së parë publike për Organizatat e Shoqërisë Civile, shpallur nga 12 bashkitë partnere të Programit ReLOaD, është përmbyllur procesi i vlerësimit të të gjithë aplikimeve të mara…  

Findings of “Trust in Governance" Opininion Poll presented in Tirana

The Institute for Democracy and Mediation and United Nations Development Programme presented today the findings of the Opinion Poll “Trust in Governance 2017” conducted in November 2017, in Albania.  

Regional Local Democracy Programme

Regional Local Democracy Programme (ReLOaD) is a regional initiative financed by European Union and implemented by UNDP is six Western Balkans countries, namely: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina,…  

Opendata.tirana.al the first open data portal in Albania launched to serve Tirana citizens

Opendata.tirana.al is the first open data portal in Albania.  

Crowd-Sourcing for Anti-Corruption Portal


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