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A human-led solution to nature's challenges

UNDP to support the Municipality of Lezhe in managing the high risk of natural disasters  

Assessment of Hydro-Ecological and Socio-Economic Systems of the Vjosa River

The main objective for this project was the development of an integrated hydrological and water management model to evaluate combinations of climate and development scenarios for the Vjosa Basin and…  

Political cooperation across borders protects water resources in Drin Basin

High level representatives from the five Riparians virtually signed a joint statement today, thus endorsing the Strategic Action Programme for the sustainable management of the Extended Drin Basin,…  

Trending: Partnering with the private sector for environmental protection

In Albania this summer, extreme heat waves were almost unbearable for people. There are less fish in the sea, and with the erosion of the shoreline, citizens of a local beach recently claimed that…  

Albania holds Social Good Summit to bring Climate Change at the spotlight and call for climate actions

A number of activities engaged students, civil society, media local authorities in discussion and various sports activities with the aim of putting climate change in the spotlight and call for urgent…  

Pilot projects implemented in the area of solar water heating

A lit of pilot projects implemented in the area of Solar Water Heating.  

Outline: Solar Water Heating Project Activities 2014-2017

This report highlights the main project activities implemented during July 2014 – December 2017.  

SEA Report of Small Hydro Power Development Policy in Albania

This report provides an overview of key findings of the Strategic Environmental Assessment of Small Hydro Power Development Policy in Albania- a Comprehensive, and Climate Resilient Approach to…  

Assessment of the Social Impact of Flooding in Albania

The purpose of this Study is to understand the social impacts of February 2015 flooding that hit southwestern Albania.  

Third National Communication to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

The Report aims to inform the UNFCCC parties, decision makers and the Albanian public on the current trends of the climate change and its consequences, provide an inventory of GHG emissions and flows…  

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