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Employment and VET Policy Reform in Albania: Accreditation Model for public and private VET providers

Quality assurance in Vocational Education and Training (VET) is an element that can play a major role in modernizing the system and improving its’ performance and attractiveness.  

Employment and VET Policy Reform in Albania: Methodology of VET System Review

The pace of reforms in the skills development sector in recent years has been intense aiming at addressing the challenge of labour market relevance of the Albanian VET system.  

Employment and VET Policy Reform in Albania: The National Strategy for Employment and Skills 2019-2022

Following the recommendations of the Intergrated Policy Management Group (IPMG) meeting of December 2018, with the support of the Skills Development for Employment Programme (SD4E) of UNDP, the…  

Employment and VET Policy Reform in Albania: Self-Assessment of Public VET Providers

On this technical note, SD4E explains the methodology developed and utilized by all the public VET providers to conduct the first self-assessment exercise, as a stepping stone towards a full Quality…  

Self-Assessment of the Public VET Providers

The first self- assessment exercise was implemented during 2019 by 44 public VET providers. The results, challengs and lessons learned of this exercise are summarized in this report, which will serve…  


“EU4Schools”, is an action funded by European Union in response to recovery process after the earthquake of November 26, 2019.  

Municipal Social Protection Service Delivery

“Improving Municipal Social Protection Service Delivery” programme focuses on catalyzing a step-change in the quantity and quality of delivery at local level of integrated social care, as part of an…  

Together4Albania: EU for Schools Action takes off

TIRANA, 15 April 2020 - An action agreement ‘EU4schools’ was signed on Wednesday between the EU Ambassador to Albania Luigi Soreca and UNDP Resident Representative Limya Eltayeb to support national…  

Employment and Vet Policy Reform in Albania: The National Agency for Employment and Skills

The newly approved legislative framework on Employment and Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Albania aims to increase opportunities in the labour force and strengthen the labour market…  

Employment and VET Policy Reform in Albania-A new reality in the labour market integration of People with Disabilities in Albania

The newly adopted Law on Employment Promotion introduces a quota-levy system, to be utilized as one possible source of financing the Employment Social Fund. This fund is established to support the…  

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