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Albania set to improve Disaster Risk Management system

The United Nations Development Program in Albania and the Ministry of Defence kicked off the ‘Resilience Strengthening in Albania’ project on Thursday.  

After the earthquake: tailor-made changes for a tailor’s life work

This is the story of one of "In-Motion" program's beneficiaries  

Evaluation of Plant Genetic Resources in Albania

Genetic resources are utilized for a wide range of purposes, by a wide range of different actors with different interests. Traditional knowledge associated with genetic resources is relevant in…  

A human-led solution to nature's challenges

UNDP to support the Municipality of Lezhe in managing the high risk of natural disasters  

Preparation of the Local Disaster Risk Reduction Plan for the Municipality of Lezha

This document summarizes the work progress and the local context and challenges for the preparation of the Local Disaster Risk Reduction Plan in the Municipality of Lezha.  

Assessment of Hydro-Ecological and Socio-Economic Systems of the Vjosa River

The main objective for this project was the development of an integrated hydrological and water management model to evaluate combinations of climate and development scenarios for the Vjosa Basin and…  

Political cooperation across borders protects water resources in Drin Basin

High level representatives from the five Riparians virtually signed a joint statement today, thus endorsing the Strategic Action Programme for the sustainable management of the Extended Drin Basin,…  

Land Degradation Neutrality Target for Albania and Soil Erosion Measurement Norms and Standards

The Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN) concept works to better communicate multiple cross-sectoral benefits of LDN related measures, to ensure that key decision makers understand the ground-breaking…  

Marine and coastal protected areas 2.

UNDP and AICS (the Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development), to ensure comprehensive and effective management of the coastal and marine environment of Albania, are working in collaboration with…  

Enhancing financial sustainability of the Protected Areas system in Albania

The Government of Albania (GoA) has established a National Agency of Protected Areas (NAPA) in 2015 through the Decision of the Council of Ministers 102, date 4.2.2015 as a public state budget entity…  

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