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A new Free Legal Aid centre to serve the most vulnerable in Pogradec

A new centre offering primary free legal aid services was inaugurated in Pogradec today. to serve the most marginalised women and men living in this municipality.  

Children with disabilities in Prrenjas Municipality to benefit from specialized social services

A mobile service providing integrated social services at home for children living with disabilities called “Hello...Life” has taken off.  

In Brussels, international community pledges €1.15 billion to support Albania’s post-earthquake

The international community has pledged more than a billion euros (US$ 1.25 billion) to help Albania recover from the devastating November 2019 earthquake in a conference organized by the European…  

After the Earthquake: UNDP mobilizes to support Albania

A mother of three was found under the rubble hugging her three children. A 24-year-old student’s dream of becoming a dermatologist was cut short. A family of 8 was found under the rubble when their…  

UNDP assists Albania in the aftermath of the earthquake

The 6,4 magnitude earthquake that hit Albania killed 51 and left behind many destroyed homes, businesses and thousands of people homeless. UNDP stepped up to help immediately using its best global…  

Trending: Partnering with the private sector for environmental protection

In Albania this summer, extreme heat waves were almost unbearable for people. There are less fish in the sea, and with the erosion of the shoreline, citizens of a local beach recently claimed that…  

Albania holds Social Good Summit to bring Climate Change at the spotlight and call for climate actions

A number of activities engaged students, civil society, media local authorities in discussion and various sports activities with the aim of putting climate change in the spotlight and call for urgent…  

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