Democratic Governance
and Rule of Law

Voter in Tirana, Parliamentary Elections 2013

Our Interventions

UNDP’s partnership with the Albanian people and their institutions at the national and local level contributes to the promotion of democratic values and processes. On the one hand, we work with institutions to help them become more accountable, transparent, inclusive and responsive to the needs of ordinary citizens, by developing greater institutional capacities to deliver services, and improving people’s access to justice and public services. We are also committed to work with civil society and encourage citizens' engagement to participate in political life actively and decision-making for increased democratic culture and governance and sustainable development based on mutual trust.

Under the framework of UN convention implementation, UNDP supports the fight against corruption, gender-based violence and discrimination, promotion and enforcement of human rights, through assistance and partnerships to advance the public administration reform at central and local levels.

Our work is particularly focused on:

• Assisting Albanian national and local institutions in the fight against corruption, through prevention policies in line with Albania’s EU membership agenda ;
• Consolidating dialogue and cooperation between the political and developmental actors, consensus-building around core policy areas which require reform efforts, independence, impartiality and professionalism of state institutions, gender quotas, adequate watchdog and monitoring capacities of non-state actors, complaints and appeals mechanisms.
• Strengthening the rule of law as an instrument of good governance, a development enabler, and a means of accountable and transparent application of executive authority in respect to people’s safety, rights, and property.  

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