Environment and
Climate Change


Protect the enviroment and build livelihoods

UNDP supports nature conservation that takes into account competing pressures on the environment from socio-economic activity. UNDP works with national partners to support policies for climate change (mitigation and adaptation) at national, regional and municipal levels as well as policies related to renewable energy, energy efficiency and pilot projects to boost the solar energy market. UNDP’s assistance goes to ensure resource efficiency in line with EU 2020 strategy contributing to a low carbon society and green growth. UNDP works to increase marine and coastal protected areas, and strengthen their management. Our efforts also go to ensure compliance with the acquis communautaire in the field of nature conservation bringing the national protected areas in line with the demand of “Habitat” and “Birds” Directives enabling Natura 2000 designations to be integrated successfully into existing protected areas structure. UNDP partners with civil society organizations working in the area of environment providing them with financial and technical assistance for activities that protect the environment and build livelihoods

Depletion and degradation

Water and air pollution, land degradation/soil erosion, biodiversity losses and waste management are Albania’s key environmental challenges. Rapid urbanization and increasing demand for natural resources has led to increasing depletion and degradation. Disaster risks and climate variability and change pose other threats to Albania making the country more vulnerable to climate change. more





Marine and Coastal Protected Areas 2
Minimata Initial Assessment for Albania
Maritime OSR and Risk Assessment
Albania Program on Solar Water Heating
Protecting Albania's Marine and Coastal Biodiversity
Albania's Environmental Information Management and Monitoring System
Enhancing Financial Sustainability of the Protected Areas System in Albania
Strengthening Human Resources, Legal Framework, and Institutional Capacities to Implement the Nagoya Project

Karaburun Sazan Peninsula

The first and only national marine park of Albania


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