After the Earthquake: UNDP mobilizes to support Albania

A mother of three was found under the rubble hugging her three children. A 24-year-old student’s dream of becoming a dermatologist was cut short. A family of 8 was found under the rubble when their…  

Creating Jobs for women:The soap that is changing women's lives

Count Ela among 20 women and girls in the little town of Rroskovec whose lives seem to have taken a turn for the better.  

#MadeinDibra Bootcamp: 46 youth from Dibra, 3 days, 8 groups, 8 prototypes and 2 winners!

A three days bootcamp brought together 46 young people from Dibra to design innovative solutions to development challenges in Diber. The bootcamp addressed three main challenges: lack of creativity…  

Supporting Young Entrepreneurs in Albania

Edmir Uku, 25 years old, is from Vaqarr, a village of Tirana. He speaks with great passion about agriculture, organic food and life in Albanian rural areas. Edmir holds a bachelor’s degree in…  

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