Launching of the online data system of domestic violence cases

Jul 2, 2014

Zineb Touimi-Benjelloun

UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative

Dear Minister Veliaj,

Dear Mayor Farrici,

Dear members of the Mechanism for Coordination and Referral of Domestic Violence cases in Burrel,

Dear Mayors,               

And dear citizens of Burrel.

It is such a pleasure to be among you today, in this lovely setting and in your community, that under Mayor Farrici’s leadership and committment is trying to open a new page in its history, one characterised by equality between men and women, societal and family peace, and economic development. It is even a greater pleasure to come over here together with Minister Veliaj to share with you the good news of establishment of an innovative online system for recording, tracking and sharing data about every domestic violence case in every community in Albania.

I am sure that as a result of this new tool and improved information sharing among different agencies and disciplines, the citizens of Burrel and elsewhere in Albania will be able to receive better and more coordinated services by the police, courts, municipality, health and employment authorities. This will help the authorities to coordinate better with each-other. The Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth will secure in real time detailed information about domestic violence and as a result, it will develop better policies to eradicate this plague and hold authorities to account for their response to cases.

The United Nations Development Programme and indeed the whole UN family, together with our Swedish partners are extremely happy to have accompanied the Government of Albania and Burrel authorities’ side in establishing functioning Mechanisms for Coordination and Referral of Domestic Violence cases.

The 1 of August marks the entry into force of the  Council of Europe (Istanbul) Convention for preventing and combatting violence against women and domestic violence.  The entry into force of the Istanbul Convention opens a new era in addressing violence against women in our homes and communities, and all over Europe.

This event today is an example of the actions the country is taking to address domestic violence,   sending out a powerful message that domestic abuse is never acceptable, should never be ignored and must never be excused.

United Nations in Albania will continue to support our national partners to  establish similar Mechanisms to that of Burrel in every municipality, to improve services to survivors, to hold officials accountable in case they fail to address cases adequately, thus giving a true meaning to this online data system. This way, I am sure Albania will become a model for the larger region and will be looked up to as a positive example and best international practice.

Let us all commit to make safety a norm for all women!

Thank you.

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