International Anti-Corruption Day

Dec 9, 2013

Your Excellency Prime Minister Rama,

Dear Minister Cuci,

Dear colleagues and participants,

The International Anti-Corruption Day is the right moment when governments, civil society, private sector, media, and citizens at large reflect together about everyone's responsibility to achieve an equitable, inclusive and more prosperous future for all. But we cannot do this, if we do not shed light on the damage that corruption causes to the advancement of this agenda, to development, economic growth, human rights, and to peace overall.

The impact of corruption in a society is greater than just diversion of resources. Corruption destroys opportunities and creates rampant inequalities.  It undermines good governance, distorts markets, forms malfunctioning state institutions, and exacerbates poverty.
The worst consequences of corruption are borne by poor and vulnerable groups. The malignant effects of corruption are felt by billions of people everywhere.  

As the poor are more reliant on public services, they are disproportionately harmed by what may be, in financial terms, small-time corruption. Reality suggests that poor women and youth are often the worst affected by corruption by way of diverting funds from health care, education and other essential services.

Prime Minister Rama, Minister Cuci,

As you launch the outlines of the revised national Anti-Corruption Strategy for Albania today, I’d like to underline that all your international partners share a positive assessment of your new dynamism in the fight against corruption. The new strategy components along with the supportive institutional set up your Government is planning, will be new motivation to the entire public administration in Albania, as well as to the business community and the population at large.

The UN Convention against Corruption, adopted 10 years ago, is the paramount global framework for preventing and combating corruption.  Full implementation depends crucially on effective prevention, law enforcement, international cooperation and asset recovery.  I am confident that the assessment of the implementation of this Convention in Albania early next year, which the National Coordinator for Anti-corruption and Department for Anti-Corruption (DIACA) will commence with UNDP and UNODC and go beyond the minimum standards of reporting will allow for us to jointly identify further institutional improvements and necessary measures to take in order to support Albania’s resolve to fight corruption.

I welcome this resolve and extend the full support of my organization to your endevours.
Thank you.

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