Government of Italy furthers its support to public service delivery in Albania

Nov 25, 2016

During the signing ceremony of the new intervention

The Government of Italy and UNDP signed a new financial agreement to support the Albanian Government’s public service delivery reform led by the Minister of State for Innovation and Public Administration.Funding will benefit the project Support for ‘Innovation Against Corruption: Building a Citizen Centric Service Delivery Model in Albania’ managed by UNDP. This funding brings the overall support of the Government of Italy to more than 1.2 Million EUR.

The Project which will run until 2019 will work to strengthen capacities of Ministry of Innovation and Public Administration to manage and coordinate the various ongoing initiatives, contribution to policy development and piloting of good practices and a constant provision of flexible expertise to help synthesize and harmonize various efforts to reform the provision of services innovatively. The project also aims at complementing the ongoing assistance of modernization and innovation at central level institutions in terms of regionalization of public service delivery and synergies with the parallel national efforts to improving access to and provision of local government public services.

During the signing agreement ceremony the Italian Ambassador to Albania Mr. Alberto Cutillo who signed the agreement on behalf of the Government of Italy emphasized that: “With this contribution, which we mark today, the Government of Italy is continuing to support, with a contribution of almost 900,000 Euro, the offices of the Ministry of Public Administration and Innovation to have the critical capacity to be able to steer these critical EU accession agenda items.

The project will help the consolidation of a service delivery model whereby the front office interface with the public is separated from back office processing. And, it will assist the standardization, simplification and digitization of the provision of administrative services by central institutions. It is a nationally implemented project, like the Support to Territorial and Administrative Reform (STAR) project for which UNDP provides pooled fund management support”, said Ambassador Cutillo in his address.

Brian Williams, the UNDP Resident Representative stressed that: “The public service delivery reform is a long-term program requiring not only commitment, vision and resources but also a mentality change on both the administration and the citizen. It is indeed a challenging process of transformation of the state, central and local, and its management practices into a results-oriented and citizens-oriented machinery, capable of delivering on their mandate and development policies with effectiveness, efficiency and equity”.

The Minister of Innovation and Public Administration, Milena Harito thanked the Italian Government for their contribution and underlined: “This is a reform that effects the entire public administration in many aspects. As every big reform, also this one needs the support of our development partners to break any kind of resistance that such reforms face. It is a complex undertaking with many innovative initiatives to be implemented, thus the support of all stakeholders is crucial for its success”.

The fight against corruption constitutes one of the five political criteria for Albania’s EU membership. The fight against corruption is contextualized, among others, in the efforts to modernize public services delivery through institutionalizing innovations towards good governance. At the center of public services delivery modernization priority lies “the citizen-centric service delivery” which is the catch-all phrase and approach of the Government to fundamentally change the way public services are provided in Albania by fostering a customer-care culture, enhancing access, strengthening citizen feedback, increasing efficiency and accountability in the Albanian public administration, and institutionalizing the impetus for ongoing improvement.

The ISDA Support Project, which is a multi-donor mechanism managed by UNDP, was put in motion since mid-2014 and represents a critical financing mechanism to support reform strategy and management capacities of the Minister of State for Innovation and Public Administration.

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