UNDP and TIKA support services for domestic violence survivors

May 9, 2013

Around 50 participants, representatives of Ministry of Labour, Social affairs and Equal Opportunities, State Social Services, service providers and international development partners, such as Turkish Agency for Cooperation and Coordination (TIKA) and UNDP came together to discuss ways to fight domestic violence. During the event, it was also announced the completion of the garden areas of the National Shelter for the Rehabilitation and Treatment of Domestic Violence Survivors.

The Shelter with a capacity to host 40 participants lacked recreational spaces for children and women survivors. Children who found a new home at the National Shelter will now enjoy their age appropriate toys outdoors, will engage in healthy sports with their mothers and will benefit from the therapy and learning experience that gardening will offer.

Moreover, women will be able to use the glass houses constructed at the Shelter to grow plants for economic benefits. Being able to provide for themselves and their children is a necessary step towards an independent life, away from violence for these families.

As important as it is to provide enabling infrastructure, partners in this undertaking believe a professional and well trained staff is crucial in helping women through their difficult transition towards freedom from violence.

To complement professional training that the Shelter staff have obtained in Albania, TIKA and UNDP further supported a study visit of Shelter and Ministry representatives to Turkey where Albanian professionals were exposed to international models of domestic violence response.

Participants from the Ministry and the Turkish Ambassy, UNDP Country Director, Ms. Yesim Oruc Kaya and TIKA Coordinator for Albania, Mr. Yahya Gülseven attended this event. They highlighted the importance of continuous improvement and expansion of services available to survivors with their needs at the centre of the system’s responses, while also addressing responsibility of perpetrators and overall societal change towards equality between men and women.

UNDP Gender Programme, TIKA and the Ministry also launched their plans to further contribute to the equipment with the appropriate technology of the indoor professional areas at the Shelter. With an investment of approximately 77 thousand Euros so far and more than 40 thousand Euros for the indoor areas that are planned for this year, this collaboration of the Ministry, UNDP and TIKA represents a good example and practice of triangular cooperation to the benefit of Albanian citizens and development of this country. It also represents a good East-East collaboration, between two countries with similar mentalities that may learn by the solutions thought and implemented in each-other’s territory, that better suit the realities of these two countries.

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