Albania launches “Third National Communication of Albania to the UNFCCC”

Apr 5, 2013

Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Water Administration in collaboration with UNDP Climate Change Programme embarked today on a new initiative called “the preparation of the Third National Communication of Albania to the UNFCCC” .

As a non-Annex I Party to the Climate Chnage Convention, Albania is eligible for expedited financing for the preparation of its National Communications to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the core focus of which are (i) the preparation of the Green House Gases emissions inventory, (ii) vulnerabilty and adaptation analysis based on the climate change scenarious, and (iii) mitigation analysis, i.e. formulation of sectorial measures to reduce the GHG emissions from relevant sectors within a defined timeframe.

Albania has already submitted the Initial and the Second National Communications respectively in 20002 and 2009. The Second National Communication, extended the inventory of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions and removals to the period 1990-2000, with 2000 being the base year, considering six main greenhouse gas emitting sectors: i) energy, ii) industrial processes, iii) agriculture, iv) waste, v) land use change and forestry, and vi) solvent and other product uses. The inventory was the basis for the greenhouse gas mitigation analysis, which was extended to 2025 and had a pronounced focus on energy and transport (the main emitting sectors). On the other hand, the assessment of vulnerability and adaptation options focused on the Drini River Cascade (area from Kukës up to the Lezha Plain), considering three time horizons: 2025, 2050 and 2100 and coming up with a list of adaptation options up through 2025 for the agriculture, water resources and livelyhoods to adapt to the expected climate changes.

Albania has started the process for the preparation of the Third National Communication to UNFCCC with the Self Assessment exercise, finalised in October, 2011 and the endorsement of the Project Document on the Third National Communication in June, 2012. The major objectives are to update the annual Albanian Inventory of Anthropogenic greenhouse gases to the period 2000-2005, focusing on the sectors/gases that have a significant share of greenhouse gas emissions such as the transport and industry sectors. The downscaled global models will be developed to regionalize climatic forecasts and apply these new forecasts in vulnerability and adaptation assessments that are focused on the entire coastal region; state-of-the-art greenhouse gases mitigation modeling frameworks will be used to developed a national low carbon development strategy. Albania’s description of national circumstances will be updated, as well as the steps to be taken or envisaged to implement the Convention.

The project will also work to strngthen institutional capacity for implementing the Convention in Albania including undertaking activities related to climate change education and awareness.

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