New agreement signed in Tirana to better manage Dajti National Park

May 4, 2016

A view of Dajti National Park

The Albanian National Agency for Protected Areas and the Agency of Parks and Recreation at the Municipality of Tirana signed an agreement which outlines steps to co-manage Dajti National Park. The agreement details priority management actions needed to be taken, as well as the respective tasks of the two agencies to manage and conserve ecosystems, habitats and eco-touristic resources hosted in Dajti area.

The main objective of this Agreement is to define ways for both institutions to cooperate in order to provide access to citizens and local communities to natural resources and protected areas nearby, for recreational purposes, without compromising the policies of environment protection and conservation.

Cooperation among the two institutions includes actions to protect and conserve biodiversity endangered habitats in Dajti recreation area, revitalising recreational areas and implementation of a joint patrolling through joint rangers teams.

Cooperation also includes actions to promote, administer and support environmental educational and recreational activities, establishment of an information centre at premises of the Dajti National Park and update the Master Plan for Dajti National Park.

UNDP has facilitated and supported both institutions to closely cooperate and exchange their resource for a better management of the Dajti National Park while contributing to the improvement of ecotourism facilities and recreation tools in this site.

This is a demonstration of how two different level institutions can join forces and take actions for the improvement and sustainable use of resources and nature assets under their management thus contributing to strengthen conservation management practices at municipal level.

This partnership among two institutions represents a very good example for the management of protected areas worth replicating in other regions across the country.

UNDP, the Global Environmental Facility and Albania’s environmental authorities, are working to double the protected maritime reserves of the country and improve their management.


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