On International Women’s Day students launch an innovative campaign to end violence against women and girls.

Mar 8, 2016

Young people designing a public awareness product against gender based violence

On International Women’s Day, students  of Tirana University, academia, civil society,  came together to launch the winning prototype of a youth competition dedicated to gender based violence.

In November, UNDP Albania brought together 50 young people to design a product to raise awareness among youth and public on Gender Based Violence, using the innovative methodology of Design Thinking.Eight prototypes were designed by students. The winning prototype is called "Not only 8th of March".

A family camper, equipped with audio and visual effects to improvise a violent exchange between family members, was located in the center of Tirana. The camper was constantly filmed by several cameras capturing the reactions of people who would pass by the camper.  A video, showing the reactions of bystanders when confronted with a violent scene, is produced.

Anisa Gjini one of the members of the winning team says: “What we strive to achieve through this campaign is to raise the voice for women to be respected and loved not only on March 8th, but every day. There were a few cases when passersby reacted fiercefully and tried to call the police. We believe these reactions are positive, showing a good example. This is what we want to achieve”.

After the presentation of the winning prototype students discussed ways to intensify support to girls and women in their strive  for more equality and social justice.

The event was organised  by UNDP in partnership wit the Ministry of Social Wefare and Youth, and the  Faculty of Social Sciences in the framework of “Gender Equality Programme” financed by the Government of Sweden


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