Marubi Virtual Museum goes live

Oct 14, 2015

A photo taken by Marubi a hundred years ago

Marubi Virtual Museum went live today with around forty thousand pictures. Created by the Italian photograph Pietro Marubi, the Marubi archives are considered one of the most important photographic heritages in the Balkans. The oldest photos date back to 1858.
The project consisted in archiving, cataloguing and digitalization of Marubi photographic archives, and the creation of a webpage for the promotion and presentation of these archives to visitors wishing to discover more about the cultural identity and history of Albania through involvement in a visual journey of photography.
The Museum makes it possible for local and foreign tourists to join tourist routes based solely on Marubi images. The project also foresees the creation of an “online store” for researchers and those passionate about photography. It will also promote author copyrights.

Besides the cultural and scientific importance, the project will contribute to an increase of local tourism economy. It will provide with a virtual portal to Shkodra’s and Albania’s historical and cultural sites which will attract more foreign and domestic visitors to visit them following Marubi’s indicated itineraries. Once the “online store” becomes operational, the Marubi Photo-Archive will be able to also generate income which it can use to expand the existing and conduct new activities.
So far the project achieved to digitalize in high resolution the oldest part of the archive - about 100,000 photographs whereas digital archiving and cataloguing continues.
With nearly half a million photographic plates and negatives collected over 157 years, Marubi National Photo-Archive is today one of the most important institutions of the Ministry of Culture of Albania catering to Albania’s national heritage. In addition to very old photographs of Pietro Marubi, this institution retains negatives and photographs of some of the most renowned Albanian photographers such as Kel and Gege Marubi (students and descendants of Pietro Marubbi), Mati Kodheli, Kolë Idromeno, Shan Pici, Kolë Maca, Dedë Jakova, Pjetër Rraboshta, Angjelin Nënshati and many others.
UNDP Albania implemented Virtual Museum Marubi – MaViMu - through its ART GOLD 2 programme, in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, Marubi National Photo-Archive and the Autonomous Region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia from Italy, well known for its rich tradition in cataloguing and digitalization of images. The Project is in line with the Regional Strategic Plan of Shkodra focusing on Sustainable Tourism.
It follows the government’s request to preserve and promote the added value of that part of Balkans’ cultural and historical heritage that is found in Marubi Photo-Archive.

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