Three journalists receive awards for excellence in reporting cultural diversity

Dec 17, 2014

Awards receiving reporters

UNDP and Albanian Institute of Media announced  three winners of the best story on cultural diversity. The awards recognized media professionals and journalism students who demonstrated a passionate commitment to excellent reporting on issues related to cutlural diversity with a focus on Roma nd Egyptian Communities. The national contest was open to reporters and students of Journalism in Albania and aimed at encouraging  responsible reporting on ethnic minorities, human rights and social inclusion of Roma and Egyptians in Albania.
On behalf of the jury, the awards were announced by Rrapo Zguri, Professor at Journalism Department of Tirana University.
The first prize: Ben Andoni, for his article published in Mapo newspaper focusing on groundbreaking initiatives which enabled Roma and Egyptian children attend school. 
The second prize: Erinda Gjermeni TV reporter, featuring a success story of two young Roma employed at the Ministry of Youth and Social Welfare.
The third prize: Julinda Jemishaj a journalism student for her encouraging article on cultural diversity as a value to society. 
After presenattion of the awards, a training manual: “Reporting on minorities with a focus on Roma and Egyptian Communities” was also presented.
The manual, produced by the Albanian Media Institute  will serve as a  compass for journalists covering issues related to minorities and cultural diversity. The training Manual was developed  to assist journalists  and civil society activitis interested in reporting and writing  on minorities and cultural diversity  and to build and strengthen relevant skills and techniques for effective reporting in this area.

Zineb Touimi-Benjelloun, UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Representative participating at the event said:”Of all the functions that journalists perform, few are as important as helping understand diversity. The media have tremendous potential to do good by cultivating individuals who, while proud to belong to distinct communities, also empathize with others and prize their common ground. I am pleased to participate at the presentation of this training manual today providing very useful guidelines to help journalists report on minorities and diversity in general in a responsible, accurate and sensitive manner. Amongst other checks and balances, a vibrant media, with vigorous debate and accurate coverage can help with the transparency and accountability necessary for true democratic participation”.

“The role media can play as a watchdog is indispensable for democracy and it is for this reason that Albanian Institute of Media partnered with UNDP and EU in a number of interventions aiming at strengthening capacities of media to report responsibly  and with ethical standarts  on diversity and minorities”-said Remzi Lani, Head of the Albanian Media Institute.

This event is implemented as part of “Supporting Social Inclusion of Roma and Egyptian Communities” project, funded by European Union and implemented by UNDP in partnership with the Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth. The project is implemented in the regions of Berat, Korca and Vlora. It works to promote the social inclusion and empowerment of Roma and Egyptian communities through encouraging participatory planning for infrastructure development, strengthening capacities of Roma and Egyptian civil society organizations.

The project also promotes employability and entrepreneurship of the Roma and Egyptian community members. It also assists with the implementation and monitoring of the National Decade Action Plan for Roma, as well as fostering respect for human rights and cultural diversity.The project started in July 2012 and is scheduled to end in December 2014.


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