Children of Himara to benefit from a new playground

Jul 15, 2013

Children of Himara will soon enjoy a new, beautiful, playground which they are excited about.

‘My father just told me that a new playground for children will be built here. My friends and I, are very happy because this is what we need. We have nowhere to play now. The whole area is occupied by cars and bars” — says Vasili a 9 year old from Himara.

Himara is a town alongside the beautiful Albanian Riviera. The town is considered one of the Albanian tourism pearls attracting both national and international tourists not only due to the sun-sea tourism it offers but also to its beautiful churches and monasteries characterized by the Byzantine architecture.

The Community Playground has an important value for the community , not only due to the fact that this will be the first one in this area but also due to its location in the heart of the town of Himara, along the pedestrian zone, just a few meters from the sea.

At present this community playground does not have any recreational equipment, illumination or any other necessary urban furniture to be called a playground. 

This development work has been made possible thanks to the cooperation of Municipality of Himara and UNDP ART GOLD 2 programme through a cost sharing scheme.

ART GOLD  2 Albania programme is currently assisting the Municipality of Himara to turn the playground into a quality facility for the children, community members but also tourists. The project, currently in progress, foresees also the installation of wooden benches for the parents and senior citizens. The illumination of the playground will be done through a system which makes use of solar energy (photovoltaic panels) which is abundant in the little town.

The Mayor of Himara,  Mr Gjergj Goro says:  ”We are very pleased to have cooperated with UNDP in the implementation of this development work, key for the community members especially children”.

This intervention is being undertaken by UNDP ART GOLD 2 programme which works to introduce and transfer best practices with regard to regional development and decentralization using the decentralized cooperation modality as well as supports the implementation of strategic partnerships between the selected Albanian communities and the ART GOLD international partners.  

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