Roma Values presented through the renowned drama “Les Miserables”

Apr 11, 2013

UNDP Albania in the framework of the Roma Values Week along with local and international partners put on stage the renowned drama “Les Miserables”. The impressive performance of talented Roma and Egyptian youth and University of Arts students earned a standing ovation and was greatly applauded by the attendees.

The performance served as a means for reducing prejudice and improves the image of Roma and Egyptians. The multidimensional composition of the crew brought forward the powerful message that besides diversities they were all equal in terms of skills and quality of performance.

The performance served also as a tool of promoting the cultural values of the Roma and Egyptian communities as well as preservation and development of their identity as an integral part of the national cultural heritage. An impressive part of the drama was the manner in which Roma culture and tradition were made present. The director had incorporated not only Roma music but also other elements such as traditional Roma costumes.

The drama was be conducted by Mr. Ram Hadroj, an Albanian Roma Student, who graduated from Andrews University Michigan with a Bachelor of Sciences in Behavioral Sciences (2010) and was directed by Mrs. Aneta Malaj a well-known professor at the University of Arts. In his opening remarks Mr. Hadroj highlighted the powerful message of the drama: “There is nothing like a dream to create the future”. Mr. Hadroj emphasized the fact that by putting on stage the drama in Albanian he realized one of his longstanding dreams.

The event was organized by United Nations Development Programme as part of “Supporting Social Inclusion of Roma and Egyptian Communities” project, funded by European Union and implemented by UNDP. UNDP is working in seven regions of Albania (Tirana, Durrës, Elbasan, Fier, Vlore, Korce, Berat) to promote social inclusion and empower Roma and Egyptian communities through encouraging participatory planning for infrastructure development; strengthening capacities of Roma and Egyptian civil society organizations; promoting employability and entrepreneurship; assisting the implementation and monitoring of the National Decade Action Plan for Roma, as well as fostering respect for human rights and cultural diversity.

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