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Mar 22, 2013

Tamarë village, Kelmend Commune

A new partnership has been established between northern Italian region of Friuli-Venezia-Giulia (FVG) and UNDP/ART GOLD 2 Albania Programme to implement priority development projects in the northern region of Shkoder.

Thanks to this partnership the successful practice of “Albergo Diffuso”, will be replicated in Albania for the first time. This well-known and popular tourism model, applied in the Friuli region, consists of numerous guest-rooms dispersed through several country houses, connected through a unique reception service.  The owners of the guest houses will be trained on how to provide quality tourism services. This aims to boost tourism in the area thus generating jobs and income.

 Another initiative is the construction of the “Marubi Virtual Museum” in the city of Shkoder.  The Marubi Photo Archive is considered to be the largest photo library in the Balkans, with a collection of more than 500,000 photographic negatives (glass plates and microfilms) dating back from 1855.

This project will provide “ Marubi Photo Archive” with the appropriate technical capacities and equipment in order to create and manage digital archives as well as run a virtual museum.  The staff of “Marubi Photo Archive” will be trained to initiate digitalization and cataloguing of the photos by adopting international standards. Furthermore a multilingual website will be created which will provide textual and photographic slideshows of Marubi heritage in the form of a virtual museum.

The Head of Shkodra Regional Council, Mr. Maxhid Cungu says:”These two projects to be implemented in the region of Shkoder respond to the Regional Strategic Plan for the Development of Sustainable Tourism. We are happy to see that progress so far is very good”

All such interventions are undertaken by UNDP Art Gold programme which works to introduce and transfer best experiences with regard to regional development and decentralization using the decentralized cooperation modality and supports the implementation of strategic partnerships between the selected Albanian communities and the Art Gold international partners.

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