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  • Sidrit Dedja is an amazing person: curious, equipped with a good sense of humor, and a real sense of purpose. He is 25 years old, and was born in the town Shkodra, Albania with a significant motor disability.

  • Edlira Qazimi is a divorced mother of two that for the first time in her life, at the age of forty, has started working full-time in the south-eastern Albanian city of Korça.

  • With the right vocational training, Hatixhe Sula has become a tailor. Now, she can help to support her family.Not long ago, as a member of the excluded Roma community in Albania, she may not have come across this opportunity. An outreach campaign made her aware of it.

  • Anila, a married woman with three children, had lived in the neighboring Greece for around ten years. After the heavy financial crisis, her family no longer had a stable job. When they returned home, Anila discovered their hard-earned savings from Greece had been lost to her husband’s gambling habits. By the time she filed for divorce, she had no money left to hire a lawyer.

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