Social Inclusion

What we do?

Inclusion means that people are part of the social, economic, political and cultural life of their country and that their voices are heard and that they are able to use their capabilities, and access resources, including financial and business opportunities. UNDP helps social and economic inclusion in Albania through supporting policies and implementation measures designed to avoid exclusion by helping to remove barriers that stand in the way of people realizing their full capabilities. Group specific implementation measures (e.g. policy responses and action plans) are of critical importance for Roma and Egyptian communities as well as Persons with Disabilities, in no small part due to EU accession related commitments.

Our Goals

In order to address the risks that hinder realization of personal, social and economic potential of all individuals UNDP supports national policies and institutions to increase women’s participation and economic opportunities, improve their access to justice mechanisms, mainstream gender into legislation and development policies and eradicate gender based violence.more

Poverty Week Activities in Albania

As part of community led activities to mark International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, graduates from a UNDP vocational training course, put their tailoring skills to use in the community; making school uniforms for twenty local children with the support of parents and community members.more

Our Stories

Zymyle Seferi, a 23 years old young Egyptian, was helped by a EU-UNDP initiative in Albania to pursue her dream to become a midwife. Photo: UNDP Albania

EU-UNDP initiative supports equal access to employment for Roma and Egyptians in Albania

Zymyle Seferi, a 23 years old young Egyptian never gave up her dream of becoming a midwife. She lost her father when she was one monthmore 

Making homes violence-free in Albania

If you want to know how a woman feels when she is being abused, ask Tone. Her story is painful but also inspiring for many. Tonemore 

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  • Economic and Social Empowerment for Roma and Egyptians- a booster for social inclusion

    Roma and Egyptian communities are among the poorest, most marginalized and socially excluded groups in Albania. Studies show that the level of poverty among Roma is twice as high as the majority population.

  • The UN Support to Social Inclusion Initiative in Albania

    The project “Support to Social Inclusion in Albania” aims to assist in the effective elaboration and implementation of the Government of Albania's new Strategy for Social Inclusion and Social Protection. It supports the Albanian Government to prepare an extended dialogue with social partners in the country and the European Commission.

  • Gender Equality and Gender-Based Violence Programme

    In recent years Albania has improved the status of women and promoted gender equality. However, the country still faces many challenges in terms of fully displaying and utilising the women’s potential in the labour market and economy, increasing participation in decision-making and eradicating the widespread violence against women, particularly in the family realm.

  • Supporting Social Inclusion of Roma and Egyptian Communities

    Roma and Egyptians are facing a level of poverty estimated three times higher than that of the other parts of population in Albania, due to long-standing social exclusion.

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