Our Partners

Partnerships lie at the centre of UNDP’s work. UNDP Albania actively promotes a range of development partnerships with all stakeholders, both national and international, working together in all phases of the development chain from programme design, through implementation, review and revision, to impact assessment and the formulation of new interventions.

 The Government of Albania is UNDP’s lead partner and client. UNDP supports the Government and people of Albania through implementation of initiatives that translate UN and EU norms and principles into day to day lives of the men and women of Albania.

Government and Institutions

Council of Ministers of the Republic of Albania

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Labor Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities.

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy

Ministry of Environment

Ministry of Interior

Ministry of European Integration

Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports

Minister for Innovation and Information Communications Technology.

People’s Advocate

Commissioner for Protection against Discrimination

Institute of Statistics

Central Election Commission

UNDP also partners with local government units across the country.

UNDP also works with civil society including NGOs, community-based organizations, members of academia, and representatives of Albanian media.

The private sector can make an important contribution to development by fostering innovation, providing funding and promoting entrepreneurship. Through many of its programmes, UNDP engages the private sector in support of public-private partnerships.

UNDP partners with the international development community both in joint program management, funding and implementation but also as an active participant to donor coordination platforms in Albania. Our multilateral and bilateral development partners who support UNDP’s operations in Albania through a variety of partnership and management arrangements include:

Delegation of European Union to Albania

Government of Japan

Government of Sweden

Government of Netherlands

Government of Switzerland

Government of Austria

Government of Italy

Government of Spain

Turkish International Cooperation Agency

UNDP also enjoys various forms of technical and financial cooperation with international NGOs and foundations.

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