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  • Light at the end of the tunnel: Domestic violence in Albania

    When Drita, 22, recently arrived at the National Centre for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of the Victims of Domestic Abuse, near Tirana, she had already been head of household, a mother, a wife, a girl, and a dreamer.

  • Giving Roma and Egyptians in Albania an economic boost

    Firdes Tole, a divorced mother of three in the Roma community of Pogradec, in Albania, could barely make ends meet cultivating sage for 3 months a year as a seasonal worker at her neighbor’s farm.

  • In Albania, new horizons open for domestic violence survivors

    Rina spent the last three months of her last pregnancy at a shelter for survivors of domestic violence in Tirana. She and two of her younger children, aged 2 and 5, had fled their abusive home in Burrel, in the mountains of northern Albania.

  • A better future for vulnerable youth in Albania

    Sidrit Dedja is an amazing person: curious, equipped with a good sense of humor, and a real sense of purpose. He is 25 years old, and was born in the town Shkodra, Albania with a significant motor disability.

  • Harnessing the Sun’s Abundance

    Albania has plenty of sunshine-around 265 days a year.

  • Supporting Decent Work Opportunities for Young Albanians

    Artan, 22 years old from Shkoder finally has a job-which he calls his dream job. He produces Venetian masks which have charmed him and other people and artists all over the world. If you did not know, some of the most beautiful Venetian masks are produced in Shkoder and Puke, north of Albania. Artan elegantly paints them.

  • For the first time in her life Anila, feels her voice is heard. She can now influence decision making when it comes to the development of her town. She and other members of her community had a wish: to build a new playground for children.

  • Helping Authorities Explain the Real Cost of H2O

    Once a month, Fatjon and his wife Vjollca, drive ten kilometers from their home in Tirana to a spring on the slopes of Mount Dajti, near the capital’s aqueduct. Although the mountain and its pine forest designated as a national park are renowned for their vistas of the city, the couple is in no mood for a picnic.

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