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Harnessing the Sun’s Abundance

Albania has plenty of sunshine—around 265 days a year. What it hasn’t had is much capacity to harness the sun’s abundant rays as a source of clean, renewable energy. Gradually, hat’s beginning to change—in the National Park of Thethi, for instance. Nestled high in the Albanian Alps, the park is homemore


Helping Authorities Explain the Real Cost of H2O

Once a month, Fatjon and his wife Vjollca, drive ten kilometers from their home in Tirana to a spring on the slopes of Mount Dajti, near the capital’s aqueduct. Although the mountain and its pine forest designated as a national park are renowned for their vistas of the city, the couple is in no moodmore


Refurbished schools in Albania bring new educational opportunities

For the first time in nine years Marsela Bejto a ruddy ninth grader who attends school in the community of Kozare, together with 170 other children, can go to school without fearing that her classroom ceiling will collapse. Marsela along other children were surprised and excited when they returned tmore

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GoA-UN Programme of Cooperation 2012-2016

The new Programme supports national priorities and development challenges of the country in the areas of:  Governance and Rule of Law; Economy and Environment; Regional and Local Development; Inclusive Social Policy.

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