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Regional Development and Environmental Sustainability Albania continues to invest heavily in its physical infrastructure in order to integrate Albania with Europe and its neighbors and to provide for basic needs. UNDP partners with all levels of governance, especially regional and local, to ensure that capacities are in place for sustainable service delivery which heeds the carrying capacity of the environment and protects the natural resources of the country.

Our Goals

In this area, amongst others, UNDP provides policy advice in establishment of a domestic regional development policy and relevant institutional reform and facilitates partnership building and cooperation among Albanian and European regional and local authorities.more

Supporting policies for climate change

UNDP supports nature conservation that takes into account competing pressures on the environment from socio-economic activity.

Our Stories

  • Guesthouse owner in Theth village being interviewed about the new initiative. Credit: UNDP Albania

    Tourists in Theth benefit from solar water heaters
    guesthouse owner in Theth

    Presently 11 guest houses in the National Park of Theth, which have installed solar water heaters, provide better services to the increasing number of tourists visiting the area.more

Projects and Initiatives

Protecting Albania's marine and coastal biodiversity

The impact of climate change is seen in: rising sea levels, changing ecosystems in lagoons, increased frequency and intensity of floods, introduction of alien and invasive species from warmer regions, and a decrease in some marine and coastal populations of fish and invertebrates. more

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GoA-UN Programme of Cooperation 2012-2016
GoA-UN Programme of Cooperation 2012-2016

The new Programme supports national priorities and development challenges of the country in the areas of:  Governance and Rule of Law; Economy and Environment; Regional and Local Development; Inclusive Social Policy.

Administrative and Territorial Reform Consultation Tour
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