UNDP’s partnership with Albanian institutions and people at national and local levels promotes democratic values and processes, on the one hand through helping to make institutions more accountable, transparent, inclusive and responsive to the needs of ordinary citizens, developing greater institutional capacities to deliver services, and improving people’s access to justice and public administration, and, on the other, encourages civil society and citizens' engagement to participate actively in the political life and decision-making for an increased democratic culture and governance and sustainable development based on mutual trust.

In follow up to the implementation of major UN conventions, UNDP helps the fight against corruption, gender based violence and discrimination, promotion and enforcement of human rights, also through assistance and partnerships to advance the public administration reform at central and local levels.
•       Fight against corruption, remains a priority for Albania which is also one of the key priorities of the EU’s Opinion.
•       Consolidation of dialogue and cooperation between the political and developmental actors, political consensus in core areas which require reform efforts, independence, impartiality and professionalism of responsible institutions, gender quotas, adequate watchdog and monitoring as well as complaints and appeals mechanisms, etc. remain on the focus of our continuous assistance.
•       Strengthening of the Rule of Law as an instrument of good governance, a development enabler, and a means of accountable and transparent application of executive authority in respect to people’s safety, rights, and property.  


UNDP supported the design and implementation of the Territorial and Administrative Reform, as a key process towards an improved decentralization framework, strengthening the local governance system as well as the territorial management and the economic efficiency at the local level. Currently, UNDP is working with the newly established local governments aiming to strengthen their institutional capacities and responsiveness to citizens’ expectations, improve access to and quality of local service delivery and promote local democracy in line with the evolving decentralized competencies and responsibilities and the principles of democratic governance.
UNDP also helps build institutional capacities and contributes to policy development and identification of good practices for reforming the central government service delivery. For UNDP, positive change in service delivery provision is at the core of good governance and effective functioning of public administration. Efforts to modernize public services delivery through innovation, in the framework of public administration reform, also represent a great leverage in the fight against corruption. Assistance focuses on fostering a customer-care culture, enhancing access to services, strengthening citizen feedback, and increasing the efficiency and accountability in the Albanian public administration. Such framework has also the potential to be tailored for the local level.  
Complementarily, UNDP promotes evidence based analysis for policy making through engagement in or development of various surveys, such as Living Standard Measurement Surveys, Trust in Governance Opinion Polls, Local Governance Mapping and other planned tools for measuring performance of public administration entities.
UNDP supports human rights protection by strengthening the capacities of the Office of Antidiscrimination Commissioner and other independent oversight institutions to establish a consolidated system of complaint management and increase the outreach of these institutions to vulnerable groups.
As a key contributor to the advancement of the gender equality agenda, UNDP assists in the adoption of key equality related legislation and the establishment of indicators and data sets on gender, increased women’s economic opportunities, improved women’s access to justice mechanisms, mainstream gender into development policies and advocacy for an end to violence against women.

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