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helen clark and government representative in the conference5th high level intergovernmental conference on delivering as one. Credit: UNDP Albania

Following a request from the Albanian Government, Albania was selected as one of the eight pilot countries around the world to implement the Delivering as One UN (DaO) initiative in January 2007. Building on the existing reform agenda set by UN member states, the “One UN” concept aims to achieve better and faster national development priorities, including the Sustainable Development Goals.

Since 2008, Albania in partnership with the national counterparts implemented two UN-Governments of Albania Programmes of Cooperation under the Delivering as One approach.
On 24 October 2016, the Government of Albania and 17 UN Agencies, funds and programmes signed the Programme of Cooperation for Sustainable Development 2017-2021.

The Programme combines the expertise of seventeen UN Agencies with increased synergies, efficiency and effectiveness, to enhance their contributions to Albania’s development, achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and EU Integration Agenda. The Government of Albania attaches high priority to aligning international assistance with national development plans and budgets. UN-Government of Albania Programme for Sustainable Development backs this objective. In June 2014, Albania received EU candidacy status. In September 2015, Albania adopted the Sustainable Development Goals alongside all other Member States of the United Nations. In early 2016, the Government issued its National Strategy for Development and Integration 2015-2020. These key events and ambitions underpin the United Nations’ Programme of Cooperation for Sustainable development with the Government of Albania.

Albania’s objective of European integration is a main driver of a broad programme of reform and is a shared political priority. The UN System will assist Albania achieve its SDG targets by supporting the pursuit of European integration, as expressed in the NSDI, with a rights-based and inclusive approach. 

Four programme pillars emerged from close consultations with the Government, the public through online platforms and face to face consultations, national and international partners. The Programme builds on the successes of the previous Programme of Cooperation and continues the Delivering-as-One approach.

•    Governance and Rule of Law

•    Social cohesion: Health,education,social protection,child protection,gender  based violence.

•    Economic Growth, Labour and Agriculture

•    Environment and Climate Change

 UNDP in partnership with other resident and nonresident UN agencies has been a key contributor to UN reform through the programme.

As in all countries where it operates, UNDP houses the RC system for coordination of the UN country team. As a partner organization to UN agencies working in the country, UNDP participates in the implementation of joint UN programmes. UNDP is an active partner to the Government of Albania, bilateral and multilateral development partners and other UN agencies in harmonization of development assistance.

UNDP also acts as the Administrative Agent to the Coherence Fund in support of the Programme of Cooperation for Sustainable Development.  UNDP’s role was agreed by participating UN Agencies in the One UN Pilot in Albania.

How does this work?

Funding received from donors is put into a One UN Coherence Fund. On behalf of the participating UN Agencies, the Administrative Agent receives donor contributions, administers the funds, and disburses them as instructed by the Joint Executive Committee. As Administrative Agent, UNDP is also responsible for consolidating reports from participating UN Agencies for submission to the UN Resident Coordinator.
Memorandum of Understanding between the Participating UN Organizations and UNDP regarding the Operational Aspects of the One UN Coherence Fund for Albania.

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