Promoting Disability Rights in Albania

What is the project about?

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Persons with disabilities are a sizeable vulnerable population group. The  2011Census  informs that 137 435 persons of the age 15 years old and over, of which 75 239 women, live with disabilities.  

Despite the range of legislation and policies in place, persons with disabilities face multiple barriers in social, economic and political inclusion. 44.2% of persons with disabilities belonging to the age cohort 15-34 years old have never attended any school (Census 2011). Lack of accessibility of physical environment, communication, goods and services constitute barriers as well as behavior and negative attitudes in society. 

In November  2012, Albania ratified (Official Journal no.157, Dec 2012) the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) which seeks to protect the civil, cultural, economic, political and social rights of persons with disabilities. The CRPD asks States Parties to the Convention to take actions to avoid discrimination and promote inclusion and equality of persons with disabilities.  In addition, the Convention identifies areas that States must develop progressively over time in order to improve the living standards and rights of persons with disabilities.

As a consequence, Albania now faces the task of implementing the CRPD as well as monitoring and evaluating its implementation.

UNDP, under the overall One UN Programme, and in close partnership with the Government of Albania and the civil society, assists Albania with complying with the CRPD requirements and moving forward towards the social inclusion of persons with disabilities. More specifically, UNDP has been providing support to ensure that:

  • Government takes the necessary legal and policy steps to ratify the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
  • Individual autonomy and access to basic services of persons with disabilities improves through more accessible buildings
  • National and local government, the People’s Advocate and Commissioner for Protection from Discrimination, media and business are aware of and knowledgeable about disability rights and their relevance to their spheres of activity

What have we accomplished so far?

  • Albania ratified the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in December 2012; the ratification was formally deposited with UN in February 2013
  • The Inter-Ministerial Working Group for Elaborating Disability Legislation (IMWG) drafted a law on Inclusion of and Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities
  • IMWG elaborated an Action Plan on implementation and awareness-raising on the CRPD, including its costs implications
  • Institutional capacities of MOLSAEO and its subordinate structures, line ministries, human rights institutions, judiciary system, urban-planning authorities   and disabled people’s organizations for implementing and monitoring the implementation of disability – related legislation have been enhanced
  • 1076 disability-related stakeholders in 12 regions were given the opportunity to increase their awareness and capacities in the area of human rights of people with disabilities and most specifically on the CRPD; Approximately  900 students actively participated in discussions held during the Open Information Days organized in 8 universities in 8 regions of Albania; the large public was increased awareness  on the rights of people with disabilities through coverage of debates in local media, as well as other TV programs and chronicles.
  • 5 public buildings in Korça and Tirana underwent refurbishment works as demonstration project to improve accessibility.  

Who finances it?



Amount contributed 


UN Coherence Fund

USD 150,000


UN Coherence Fund

 UNDP Core Funds

USD 370,000

USD  20,000


UN Coherence Fund

USD  70,000



Total delivery


USD 237,000


USD 256,000


USD  37,000

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