Integrated Support to Decentralization

What is the Programme about?

Regional development gained Government attention mostly from 2006 onward.However,  some attempts  were marked in this regard in previous years. In 2006 and 2007 the Government made a significant step in introducing a Crosscutting Strategy for Regional Development (CSRD) as part of the Government’s overall National Strategy for Development and Integration (NSDI). At the same time, the Government also took some steps to formulate a new Law on Regional Development and the necessary infrastructure including a National Partnership Council for Regional Development – NPCRD.

The Integrated Support for Decentralization Project was developed in response of the aforementioned and as a result of collaborative work between the Albanian Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy, the EU Delegation and UNDP Albania.
Its main objective was to respond to the government priorities of establishing and consolidating a national regional development policy as well as prepare relevant government institutions to coordinate, manage and programme IPA III in the framework of EU regional development perspective. The Cross-cutting Strategy for Regional Development (2007) became the point of departure towards a new regional development policy framework which would amalgamate domestic and EU perspectives in this policy field.

The Project also fitted well in the Government’s agenda for EU integration, modernization of state administration in terms of strategic management, intra-ministerial coordination and improved capacities.

The Integrated Support to Decentralization was funded by the EU Delegation and UNDP, implemented over the period October 2008 - December 2012 in close collaboration with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy as the main national counterpart, later replaced by the Ministry of European Integration and Department for Strategies and Donor Cooperation.  

What have we accomplishes so far?

1.    Support to preparing IPA Component 3+4 Strategic Coherence Framework and IPA 3 Operational Programme and a policy framework for NSDI i.e.:

  1.  Programmatic support to government for preparing the Strategic Coherence Framework
  2. Programmatic support to government for preparing the Operational Programme for IPA3
  3. Draft of RD policy construct for NSDI

2.    Institutional and administrative capacity building to sustain the regional development process in line with the national regional development policy and EU instruments i.e.:

  • A revised Regional Development Fund design more convergent/complementary to IPA3
  • IT management system for Regional Development Fund (RDF)
  • Assistance to up to four qarks for developing their own Development Strategies/Investment Plans
  • Dissemination of good practice to other regional and local actors

Several Regional Development Policy Papers/Studies:

-       1. IPA structures

-        2. Institutional Assessment of RD national structures

-        3. Domestic RD analysis: review of CSRD in relation to RDF and IPA3

-        4. Review of Regional Disparities; Recommendations on NUTS 2 country sub-division

Regional Development Fund design reform proposal

-       Elaboration of Strategic Coherence Framework 2011-13 and public consultations of this document

-       Elaboration of Operational Programme on Regional Development – OPRD 2011-13

-       Completion of EU Regional Development Learning and Professional Development Training by 30 officials from ministries and government agencies.

-       Completion of Strategic Development Training – 90 persons certified

-       Completion of Regional Projects Development Training – 90 persons certified

-       Completion of Training of Trainers for Regional Development – 22 persons certified

-       Forty Project Pipelines/concepts developed in four regions (Elbasan, Berat, Diber, Kukes)

-       Four Regional Development Strategies elaborated (Elbasan, Berat, Diber, Kukes)

Four Regional Investment Plans elaborated (Elbasan, Berat, Diber, Kukes

-       Ten rehabilitation/construction interventions in regional/local public infrastructure completed

1.    Reconstruction of 9-year school Kozare, Kozara Commune, Kucove, Berat Qark

2.    Reconstruction of 9- year school “Zihni Toska”, Berat, Berat Qark

3.    Reconstruction of 9- year school “Adem Krasniqi”, Elbasan, Elbasan Qark

4.    Reconstruction of high school “Ahmet Xhetani”, Derjan Commune, Mat, Diber Qark

5.    Construction of 9- year school in Bllace village, Shupenza Commune, Diber Qark

6.    Reconstruction of high school “Irfan Hajrullai”, Municipality Peshkopi, Diber Qark

7.    Reconstruction of health center, Selishta Commune, Diber Qark

8.    Reconstruction of health center, Gjorica Commune, Bulqize, Diber Qark

9.    Bjeshket e Shehut Water Supply System, Diber Region

10.  Golaj Village Water Supply, Kukes Region

Who finances it?

Donor Amount in EUR
EC 4,700,000
UNDP 500,000

Delivery in USD

Year Delivery
2012 4,814,826
2011 592,166
2010 967,584
2009 1,047,752
2008 14,733
Total 7,437,060

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