Eight Goals for 2015

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  • The The "Global Conversation Begins" report, launched in March 2013, shows the first findings from an unprecedented global conversation through which people from all over the world have been invited to help Member States shape the future development agenda that will build on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) after their target date at the end of 2015.Learn more

Albania has achieved its e-governance Target ahead of schedule. There are many factors linked to this such as: establishment of integrated and sound ICT policy and legal frameworks; supporting institutional reforms, including the setting up and initial capacity development of key supporting agencies, e.g. National Agency for Information Society (NAIS); commitment of adequate financial and human resources; and strong political and executive vision and leadership. . The ‘Digital Albania Program’ was launched in line with the i2010 EU initiative and is likely to lead to further over-achievement by 2015.s auctor

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Latest MDG Reports
Albania National MDG Report 2010

With only five years to the 2015 target date,
this 2010 special edition country report is Albania’s contribution to a UN global review of the MDGs.

MDG Report 2007

The report contains mini reports for each MDG. Each mini report provides a “snapshot” of the goals, targets and indicators, a table summarizing historical data, the report for 2007 data and the target for the year 2015.

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