• Annual Report 2017 of Albanian Authority on Access to Information on the former State Security Service
  •  “Trust in Governance"Opinion Poll 2017
    Mar 15, 2018

    The main objective of the Opinion Poll is to explore public perceptions and attitudes on issues covering trust in public institutions, institutional transparency and accountability, corruption, level of citizen engagement in policy and decision-making, satisfaction with public service delivery, and enforcement of non-discriminatory laws and policies.

  • Assessment on the extent to which Albanian Municipalities digitalize and publish on line the Decisions of Municipal
    Jan 23, 2018

    The Assessment on the extent to which Municipalities of Albania digitalize and publish online the Municipal Councils Decisions (MCDs), is the inception report for the implementation of the project activity supporting “The Publication of Municipal Council Decisions at Albanian Municipalities”. It provides a detailed mapping covering the 61 municipalities in terms of their engagement in MCDs publication online by assessing: the online presence of municipalities; the quality of digitalised MCDs; the regularity of publication; the existence of available human resources to carry out the process; as well as the best practices, available.

  • Project Inception for One-Stop-Shop in Local Government Units
    Jan 12, 2018

    “Project Charter (Inception) for One-Stop-Shop in LGUs” is a report on: assessment of the current situation of the municipalities for adopting One-Stop-Shop System; identification the services provided by LGUs and Baseline Catalogue; solution OSS Information System

  • Local Governance Mapping
    Oct 17, 2017

    “Local Governance Mapping in Albania”, a survey combining citizens’ perceptions and municipal officials’ accounts on Good Governance. Four Good Governance dimensions were assessed: Effectiveness and Efficiency, Transparency and Rule of Law, Accountability and Participation.

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