Social Housing in Albania- A situation Analysis

05 Nov 2014


The Situation Analysis of Social Housing in Albania is conducted by UNDP in the framework of the United Nations Support to Social Inclusion in Albania programme, funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. The report presents a situation analysis of social housing in Albania and sheds light on the demand and supply for social housing at the local level as well as the scoring system, the data system, the budget for social housing, the inventory of housing units and land, and the need of local authorities for capacity building programs. The analysis addresses a broad array of concerns such as, what kind of protection is provided to vulnerable groups? How comprehensive is the legal response to the problem of homelessness? What are the characteristics of applicants and beneficiaries? What is the amount of housing funds allocated for social housing programs? How do local governments address the problem of homelessness? What differences exist between urban and rural localities? The evidence will inform the Housing Strategy and Action Plan of the Ministry of Urban Development and Tourism.

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