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Albania sets up the first center to support victims of sexual violence

Victims of sexual violence in Albania will now benefit from a One stop center which provides emergency services tailored for the needs of the victims. The center called “Lilium” is in a hospital…  

Albania joins global movement against gender-based violence

Tirane, 7 December 2017– The Community Center in Roskovec, lit up orange in solidarity with the National and Global Campaign: 16 Days of Activism against gender-based violence.  

Gender Equality and Gender-Based Violence Programme

The programme works with a wide array of public authorities, civil society organisations, the media and citizens at large in order to improve national capacities on gender issues as well as to…  

Country Programme Document for Albania (2017-2021)

This is UNDP's Country Programme Document for 2017-2021  

Rezultatet e thirrjes se pare publike per 12 Bashkite partnere te RELOAD

Në kuadër të Thirrjes së parë publike për Organizatat e Shoqërisë Civile, shpallur nga 12 bashkitë partnere të Programit ReLOaD, është përmbyllur procesi i vlerësimit të të gjithë aplikimeve të mara…  

Meet Aida- From a victim of violence to a strong promoter of women’s rights

Aida, 34, lives in a typical patriarchal family along with her husband, two children and mother-in-law. As soon as you step into her house, the eye catches the Kanun of Lekë Dukagjini- a book with a…  

Leave No One Behind

“Leave No One Behind (LNB)” aims to empower the vulnerable persons in Albania to have equal access to public services and opportunities.  


Raporti i Shqipërisë në kuadrin e nismës “Të jesh LGBTI në Evropën Lindore” ofron një pasqyrë të përgjithshme të të drejtave të personave LGBTI në Shqipëri, përfshirë edhe ndikimin e ligjeve,…  

Fjale Burri

‘Fjalë Burri’ is independently developed as one among a set of national initiatives under the “Promoting innovative ideas of building partnerships between men and women for gender equality and a…  

Gender quotas

This study examines the relationship between gender quotas and women’s substantive representation in the local councils of Albania. Drawing on a mixed methods design, the study sheds light into the…  

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