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Less children left behind in Albania: Eris’s little steps towards a more inclusive life

Eris is one among 24 children with disabilities who receive daily rehabilitation services at the Community Center of Shijak.  

Raport Monitorimi dhe Vleresimi afatmesem I Planit Kombetar te Veprimit per Personat me Aftesi te Kufizuar

Në këtë raport përmblidhen rezultatet e zbatimit të Planit Kombëtar për Personat me Aftësi të Kufizuara (PKVPAK) për periudhën Qershor 2016 – Qershor 2018. Raporti përmbledh dhe analizon progresin…  

Fact Sheet on Implementation of National Action Plan for the Integration of Roma and Egyptians

This document presents facts, data and targets after two years of “National Action Plan for Roma and Egyptians (2016-2020)” implementation.  

Quick Facts and Data from a Financial Review of Local Budget Spending on Social Care Services Albania 2018

This publication provides quick facts and data from a financial review of local budget spending on social care services Albania 2018  

Leave No One Behind: Semi-Annual Progress Report

This is the Semi-Annual Progress Report for the Programme "Leave No One behind".  

Brochure: Leave No One Behind

This brochure provides an update of the results achieved in the context of "Leave No One Behind" Project.  

Meet Luli- From an informal worker to a regular employee in a respected enterprise

Luli Feri 45 comes from the Egyptian community. Throughout all her life, she faced discrimination and according to her this was due to the color of her skin.  

Albania sets up the first center to support victims of sexual violence

Victims of sexual violence in Albania will now benefit from a One stop center which provides emergency services tailored for the needs of the victims. The center called “Lilium” is in a hospital…  

Intersex Research Study

The “Intersex research study in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Serbia” was commissioned by UNDP to stimulate the development of a framework of action…  

Putting People with Disabilities on the Map

If you want to understand how a person with disabilities feels, ask Artan. He is 25 years old, from Pogradec. He is in a wheelchair. He is jobless. All his life he has faced difficulties in accessing…  

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